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Rider is a Papa

April 5, 2012
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It was with much excitement that we waited for the arrival of 2 litters at Arylan sired by young Rider, Arylan Custom Goldwing (Oz x Lindy). 

Harry did 2 breedings and expected Chickie’s puppies to arrive around the 1st of April and Lodi’s to arrive 5 or 6 days later. 

Well Harry missed counted by a couple of days and on Saturday Chickies babies started arriving, after free whelping several she stalled and Harry elected to take her to the vet for help, the vet performed a C-Section and Chickie and 6 lovely tri babies came home.  Then overnight the unthinkable happened, Chickie died.  Test are currently being run but from all outward signs something was missed during the C-section and she died from internal bleeding. 

I am almost inconsolable over the loss of Chickie, she was the heartbeat of Arylan. Joyful and sweet, always willing to please you and a dear soul that touched the heart of all who knew her.  She wasn’t my dog but she was as important to me as any of my own.   And if the loss of herself wasn’t enough what she still could have contributed to the breed is now lost as well.   She gave Harry so much and I can only dream of what the 5 surviving Rider x Chickie babies can give the Cardigan world.

But like lots of things about dog breeding after great sorrow follows great joy.  Lodi produced 9 puppies a few days later and by all reports they are doing well.  All Tris were expected from this Tri to Tri breeding but behold 5 of the 9 are ee Red, always exciting to see how their coat color turns out.  We used to think it was rare but with more and more breeders posting info about their entire litters instead of just the show pups we are hearing about and seeing more of these ee Red puppies.  Nothing wrong with Red!  It was just a surprise.

So stay tuned to or Arylan’s Facebook page for updates and photos.  Harry is good about keeping folks in the know.  I’m excited to meet the little ones and know that Chickie’s babies will always hold a special place in my heart.

So if anyone ever tells you that dog breeding is easy, they either have never done it, never done it correctly or they are lying, dog breeding ain’t for sissys!

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