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A quick trip up I-25

April 10, 2012
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I know, I know, I went to Albuquerque a week ago and and I am just now writing about my trip.  After working 70 hours last week early Saturday morning I jumped in the FIT and took a quick roadtrip (cost $32 instead of $132) up to Albuquerque to give Harry a hand with the puppies.  He has been doing a fabulous job with the orphan Chicklets and Lodi’s puppies too so I went up to give him a break and help out where I could.  Plus you know I wanted to see the babies and meet his new puppy girl, Kennebec Black Magic, Wicca  who had arrived the week before.

So there are 5 Chicklets and Lodi has 8 babies 4 of which are tri and the other 4 are red or what we call “pink” or ee red.  The “ee” is basically the definition of a dog who carries the double recessive “e” gene on the “Extension” gene locus.  This recessive gene operates to prevent black hair from showing visibly.  In the case of a “red” Cardigan, they are still red although they often have a pale, kind of dusty look or pink as young puppies.    The reds were a surprise as we expected all Tris from the two tri parents.   Whatever their color they are cute and I can’t wait to watch them grown up.

So here are a few phone photos from the weekend:


Ok not a phone photo, I stole this one of the puppy pile from Harry’s website, these are both litters mixed together.


Some of Lodi’s babies


A Chicklet!


Wicca, Kennebec Black Magic

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