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Off to the Nationals

April 23, 2012

I was going to title it crazy chicks looking for studs and a party but I figured it would generate a lot of weird hits for the blog site so I changed it.   But that is what we are doing, I’m off to meet up with Leslie (KeelMtn) my BFF and buddy Kathy (Dwysan) to drive to Huron, OH for the CWCCA Nationals.   We will meet up with Helen and the 4 of us will share a suite and enjoy the nationals with out dog responsibility.  Helen has her Arylan boy Owyn entered and Solstice will be represented by Harry’s young Rider but both boys will be shown by the multi talented super handler Sheri Hurst.

I’m looking forward to the time with my friends and after spending the weekend at Harry’s and then meeting up with my best buddies I will have gotten to see 2/3rds of my desert island friends all in the same week.  That is my list of people I want with me if I’m stranded on a desert island.  My dearests are not my nearest as most of my friends are in other time zones and I live virtually with them via phone, email, text, blogs and facebook so I am so excited to have  real face time with the people I love best!


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