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The 2013 CWCCA Nationals

April 9, 2013
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We are home, a lot earlier than others as our drive was only 4 hours. Being so close was a bit of adventure, it was really the 1st time I have packed the FIT for a dog show but I was able to get 3 dogs and all our stuff into the car for our trip to Tucson. It was uneventful to say the least.

The hotel was great, I got a cool courtyard room which gave us a nice patio and access to the lovely grass under the orange blossoms. We got settled in and hooked up with our friends. Our friend Renee spent a couple of nights with us and of course the dogs loved having an extra “petter” in the room. Plus they conned her out of cookies.


Monday and Tuesday we spent helping Polly at the agility trial, got to see PJ and Pippin’s girl Lucy get her Open Fast title. Her brother Finn got his herding PT title at the herding trial over the weekend. Those kids are mutli talented!

Tuesday night was the Megan and all three kids showed nice but no ribbons this year. It was a beautiful entry this year so many lovely dogs.


I “hung out” the rest of the week. Pitching in where needed and visiting friends and watching lots of dogs. We didn’t show again until Saturday’s Best of Breed competition. PJ show nice for Kathy and looked good in the big ring. Banner, worked hard for me but she really hates the show ring and so that was her last show, she will now be the happy house dog and her job will be to be a momma later in the year. Her favorite part was sleeping on the bed with me at night. Frosty was our big winner if we have to have a winner. Frosty made the cut in the bitch classes so that was a nice honor in such lovely company and before I knew it the week was over.

This show was bittersweet for me since in essence it was the last Southwest show for me. The last time I’ll get to spend with my SW buddies and it is sad and I had to not think about it a lot for fear of crying and carrying on. For those who haven’t seen my Facebook announcement, Solstice is relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in mid May. The details of that move will be in another blog later in the week.

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