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I buried the lead……………..

April 9, 2013

If you are a regular blog reader you might have caught at the end of my CWCCA Nationals report a mention of a big life event happening at Solstice.  I thought I’d take some time to fully explain the changes going on in our world.

You may or may not know I work for State Farm Insurance and have for the last 25 years.  I’ve spent 1/2 my life at the Farm all here in El Paso, Texas.   Earlier this spring I was offered the opportunity to relocate to our new Hub location in the Atlanta, GA metro area and after much consideration I made the decision to make the move from El Paso to Atlanta.

us map


It is a big step and in May, we are making the move to Georgia.  There are so many pluses, not just with my job but with our whole life style.  Most of my bestest friends live in the Southeast and there is so many more opportunities to participate in dog activities.  Sure there will be lots to get used too, rain, grass, bugs and traffic but there is always trade offs.  There are so many things I’ll miss about the southwest and El Paso.  Mostly the people, but I’ll miss the desert, the sunshine, the mountain.  I’ll miss my beloved Miners and of course the best Mexican Food anywhere.

El Paso is my Mom’s (Ginger) home town and I’ve lived here since 1976 so it will be a big adjustment for us although I am returning to my southern roots.  Ginger aka Mom is also moving with me.  So Ginger, the dogs and myself are currently prepping for the move.  We have to empty out the family home (built and lived in by the family since just after WWII) of all the stuff we don’t need to take with us.  We are going to have to find a place to live in the area and we have to do it by mid May.  Wish us LUCK!

What about the dogs?  I had planned to repeat the Frost x Rider breeding as soon as Frost came in season (anytime now) but with the impending move I am just going to have to delay it until October.   The Banner x Rush breeding is still on track for late June.    Those of you who have expressed interest in these puppies I realize that for many of you I am moving out of your region and you may or may not want to consider a puppy from a Southeast breeder when you live in the Southwest.  Please let me know where your interest lies and I totally understand if you want to consider other breeders closer to you.  I know there a lots of great breeders in the Southwest and if you are in the Southeast I am always happy to introduce the Solstice dogs to new fans.

Stay tuned as our adventure continues!


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