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Alphabet Soup!

March 10, 2014



Solstice had a great titling weekend!  The girls went ratting and Charlie went to Obedience and we brought home some swag!


We entered our second Barn Hunting trial this weekend and the girls did a great job.  Bailey continued to show off her rat finding skills with a 42 second run to earn her 3rd leg in Novice Barn Hunting to complete her title.  I moved her to the Open class for the rest of the weekend.  She worked hard but we ran out of time each run before the 2nd rat was located.  She knows what she is doing she just needs to learn to work above her head.  She is vertically challenged after all.


Little Sienna (who is the boss of all 5 Solstice Cardigans) passed her instinct test and then earned 2 Novice legs to also complete her Novice title so both Bailey and Sienna are now RATI and RATN dogs.

I also entered Lindy at the last minute.  She tried really hard and knew that she was looking for something but didn’t quite make the time finding the rat.  So we have more things to practice as the girls go into open and Lindy learns the game.

I am loving Barn Hunting so much, so much that I am looking into the qualification to judge these events so that I can start working towards that goal.

Across town at the Atlanta Obedience Club trial, Cody and Charlie were once again in the Obedience adding more letters to Charlies name by taking 1st place in the Graduate Novice class.  Pending AKC approval he is Charlie, Solstice Flying Ace, GN, CD, RAE, CGC.  Yay Team Charlie!!!!


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