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The Elephant in the room

March 10, 2014



My blog has had lots of hits in the last week or so from “people” looking for information on the parties involved in a current cardigan controversy.  Because of my collaboration and former co-owerships my dogs and blog show up in the search.  I am not my brother’s keeper and my choices are not always the same as those I have partner with.  Opinions and counsel are shared but each person has their own set of standards and values and must choose where to stand.  It is easy to go down a slippery slope is you don’t choose where to stand.   My silence regarding the controversy does not equal my support in the choices that were made in the current venture.   I did not and still don’t support the collaboration.   And even though I do not support the choices that were made I still believe that the original goal was to help someone new to cardigans and to form a new partnership and that there was care and concern for the dog’s happiness and well being.  It was not to just make a buck as has been alleged.   That was the goal but I also believe the reality of the situation is different and should have been handled differently.   Again that is my opinion and it was not a choice I would have made based on information that was available.

As for my own philosophies, dog breeding isn’t a hard thing to do, put dogs together and you get puppies.  Breeding dogs is hard, those of us who breed purpose bred dogs i.e. purebred dogs have a responsibility to preserve, protect and promote our chosen breed, whatever those breeds may be.   

Preservation – To breed towards the standard and to maintain the essence and characteristics that made the breed desirable in the first place.   To make sure we are not changing the breed because of fashion and to remember that form follows function and to not to stray too far away from the breed intent.

Protection – To protect the integrity of the breed by proper breeding using both the art and science of breeding principles and not relying on either so heavily that we lose what makes the breed unique by sacrificing everything for clear health tests or to ignore what can be tested and putting the breed in danger by not using them to protect the health of the breed.   Also to protect our breeds by proper screening and expectation setting with potential puppy buyers so they know what to expect.    To protect our breed we must also mentor and guide those that are coming behind us as the next generation of breeders. 

Promote – We need to fairly and realistically set the expectations of what to expect from our breed.  We can do that by getting out in public with our dogs.   Shows, trials, picnics, meet the breed booths, therapy visits or just walks in the parks are ways to get out in public.  The education and mentoring of potential owners will do more for us that any sort of social media.   It will also serve not just one breed but all of us who are fighting for the purpose bred dog.

That is where I personally stand, if you want more information about my kennel policies you can can contact me or check out the kennel policy page on my blog to see what expectations are set for both myself and anyone interested in the Solstice Cardigans.   If you are interested in information or gossip about the parties involved in the current discussion, go ask them, I have said everything I have to say on the matter.


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