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May 11, 2014

As a breeder of champion show dogs I am often shocked by the expression or tone of a person when I get a puppy inquiry and I ask do you want to “show” your puppy? A look of horror is quickly followed by a declaration of “NO, I just want a pet, not a fancy show dog”. Their perception of our dogs is one of the media making or worse the crazy AR people created perception.

I just want a pet too, a pet with a hobby, and it is past time for the general public to understand that too. Most dogs who compete in dog sports (I am talking all of them) are weekend warriors who spend the bulk of their time being dogs, just like everyone else’s dog. Sleeping, digging, playing, running, barking etc. Our dogs are just that, dogs!

So I am starting a social media campaign to spread the word to the general public that having a “show dog” is just having a dog who has a hobby. They compete in dog sports, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, Coursing, Herding, Hunting, Earthdog, Barnhunt, Carting,Dock Diving, Flyball, Discdog, Freestyle or anything else, it is the dog’s hobby.

If you would like to help me expose the secret lives of show dogs I invite you to post on to any social media outlet photos of your dogs being dogs and use the hashtag #thesecretlivesofshowdogs. Let’s make Tuesday the day we do it as a group but feel free to tag any other photos of the fancy dogs being just dogs (like they are the majority of their lives).

Help expose the truth about #the secretlivesofshowdogs


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