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A hunting we will go……………

May 20, 2014

Have I said lately that I really love Barn Hunting, if not I will tell you I really love Barn Hunting.

On Saturday, I attended the Family Pet Obedience School’s May Barn Hunt trial. My main goal at this trial was instructional. I entered Lindy Hop in Instinct and Novice and then my plan was to spend the day working at the trial to learn more about the sport.

Now Lindy, has very limited exposure to Barn Hunting and has had no practice at all but since I wanted to go I took her along. She very successfully found her rat in the instinct test and earned her RATI and during the actual Novice runs she found her rat very quickly but failed to do the climb element. I can teach her to climb straw bales, but I can’t teach instinct so I am OK with that. She had fun and I was proud of her good work. Silly Momma dog!

After our Novice runs I spent the rest of the day scribing for the Open, Senior and Master class. It was a joy to see the dogs work. I helped lay some bales for the course and did a bit of rat wrangling when needed. I am excited to learn more and get back into class so we can practice. I really think I want to judge this sport.

I don’t know if I bragged or not but little Sienna, the Brussels Griffon is the first of her breed to earn a Barn Hunt title, there are others now but she was the first. My Mom was proud!





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