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A Frost Report

June 25, 2014

Hey Y’all,

That is the proper greeting now that I’m a Southern girl living in Georgia.  I haven’t had a Frost Report in a long time, my Mom is mean and won’t type for me.

The Solstice gang is living the life here in Georgia, there are so many more things for us to do.  One of the things I must tell you about is the SQUIRRELS!  We have them and we love to chase them.  I don’t think we will ever catch them because we can’t help ourselves, we are not stealthy and they hear us coming from a mile away or at least from the top of the deck.  Mom feeds them so they keep coming around.




We still get to do Watermelon days, now that we live where they grow things Mom gets them fresh at the Farmer’s Market, sometimes we get to go to the market too.


Since I finished my Grand Championship last year I haven’t been to any dog shows but I have been going to Good Girl classes, Mom calls them obedience classes.  I am a very smart girl and I like going to school.   Daddy and Bailey still get to go to Dog Shows since they aren’t Grand Champions like me, ha ha!

Grand Frost

Mom has been to a lot of shows, she goes with our Auntie Leslie and those silly tailess Pems.

Another thing she has been doing is hunting rats, well Mom hasn’t been hunting them but Bailey, Sienna and Lindy have been hunting the rats at Barn Hunting trials.  Both Bailey and Sienna have their Novice Barn Hunting titles along with their Instinct certification.  Lindy has the Instinct certification.  Little Sienna was the 1st one of her breed, Brussels Griffon to ever get a Barn Hunt title.  We are all proud of her.


See what I mean, about lots to do in Georgia, we have a great yard and deck.  there are lots of places for dogs to go and see and be seen.  I went to a big dog festival, Daddy went and partied with a rock band, Lindy went to brunch (she got bacon, I really hate her!) Mom, took me swimming, Bailey and Sienna went to the Farmer’s market and who knows where we are going next! So that is it, stay Chilly my friends,

Love Frost






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