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Goodbye old friend 

July 20, 2016

Today is a sad day at Solstice, we said goodbye to our old friend Stoney.   Stoney was my first Cardigan and we had a lot of fun together.  Stoney was the king of the Major reserve, he retired from the show ring with 17 points and 12 major reserves, nobody can say we didn’t try.  Stoney won when he wasn’t supposed to and lost when he should have won.  He beat national award winners and eventual BIS winners.  He introduced me to the Cardigan family and was always fun to take into the ring.

Stoney was my first agility dog, we completed our Novice Standard title with some hilarious runs.  He was also my first Mexican Champion and the year we showed in Mexico he was the #1 Cardigan.

Stoney was a therapy dog and an AKC ACE award nominee.  He did many a good deed.

He hated big black dogs and loved red dogs and girl puppies.  Other than that he was kind of an old grumpy guy.

Being grumpy led to his retirement from sport and when we moved to Georgia, my good friend Janne offered to keep him at her dogless house during the moving process and he just enjoyed being an only dog that he stayed behind to fill her dogless life.  I can’t not thank her enough for giving him such a sweet last few years and today helping him to the bridge and helping me to keep my promise to make sure he was always taking care of his whole life.  Much love to Janne.

Thank you Stonehead for being you.  Rest well Mr. Head,  Godspeed.

MX CH Aelwyd Solstice at the Stones, NA, CGC

5/30/2000 – 7/20/2016




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