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So why train your dog?

August 26, 2016

It’s funny how fast the dogs pick up training and how sometimes the concept is very hard.  Take Miss Frosty, the STAY command is very hard for her.  She has ants in her pants or something.  She just thinks STAY is boring.   But yet other things are instant for her, she is the only dog at the house who has a fast recall, “Frosty COME” and she is on her way, unlike the rest of the lollygaggers (is that a word?)   Good girl Frosty!

I decided to try Frosty out on Barnhunt.  Our friends at Georgia Barnhunt were hosting a clinic and I wanted to take Bailey to work on her Master level skills and I thought, why not I will take Frost and introduce her to the sport.  After giving the caged rat the “side eye” and leaping on and off the straw bales with obvious glee, she got down to business and started looking for the rats.  She was not that interested if the rat tube was in plain sight, she like finding them in the straw.  So all and a successful introduction to the the sport.

I didn’t realize how successful until this happened, a couple of days later:


Yep, still moving when she brought it up on the deck!   Good girl…..EWWWWW!

I guess she is telling me she wants to Barnhunt!  Sometimes it doesnt’ take much training!

To learn more about Barnhunt (where NO rats are harmed!!!) go to



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