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Dogs with jobs

September 5, 2016

It’s Labor Day so I thought I’d talked about how hard the Solstice dogs labor.  Every dog has their own personality and they all think they have a job to do around the house.

Sweet Banner is my homebody, she isn’t really interested in leaving the house but she takes her job very seriously.  She is the protector of the toys and my couch buddy.  She also makes sure that I am protected at night as the designated Bed dog.  She is the best bed dog (as in you don’t really even know she is there).


PJ is the man of the house and he takes his role very seriously.  He protects his girls!  If a leaf drops in the neighborhood he is aware of that leaf!  (we have a lot of leaves).  PJ is also the “fest” dog.  He loves going to festivals and events and meeting the folks and spreading the Cardi love.




Frost is the busy girl, at home she is the chewer of bones and chaser of cats.  She works hard with me as my obedience/rally dog (too bad she has a crappy trainer) and recently after being introduced to Barnhunt she is keeping the yard clear of rodents.


Bailey is the working girl.  She is my sports dog.  Barnhunt, Coursing and nosework are all part of her jobs.  Plus she is Sienna’s escort and Grandma’s guard dog (she can always be found sleeping under Grandma’s chair.




Last but really first is Lindy Hop, aka momma dog.  At 11+ she is the house hoodlum!  She gets into stuff, riles up the rest of the crew, barks for no reason and is all in all a spoiled brat.  And yes she gets away with lots.  Got to love my momma dog!


As you can see they work hard!  So we are going to celebrate Labor Day by enjoying our unofficial last day of summer. Hope your dogs enjoy their jobs!





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