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Remembering Lindy

July 26, 2019

Lindy left me just four days shy of her 14th birthday.

In January of 2019 she had some sort of cerebral event that was scary enough that I thought we were going to lose her then but with good care from our Vets at Beaver Crossing Animal Hospital she bounced back and we had another good 6 months together. I knew we were on borrowed time but I was still shocked when a seizure of some kind stopped her heart in the pre-dawn hours of July 24th. I can only be thankful that her dog family and I were with her at the end and she was not alone and we could say goodbye.

Lindy was from Arylan’s 1st litter a little bright tan faced tri. She was a pistol from the beginning and I loved her from the start. She had her ups and downs, she got Parvo as a fully vaccinated 9 month old. The experience of being sick set her show career back as she wasn’t confident on the table especially with men. I had to work hard to bring her back as a show dog. Just as I thought she would never finish her championship she did just that in Hobbs, NM where we had our new champion photo taken with the iconic little green man.

Lindy lived a life, she was queen of the house and all that lived there. She was the ultimate Momma dog, she took care of all the puppies that came into the house (except for Frost but that is another story) and was a great momma to her two litters of babies. Her babies (and their owners) earned her the honorable distinction of Registry of Merit – Versatility from the CWCCA and honor I am most proud of.
She liked to boss sheep around (and everything else) and I was sorry that we never got more herding time. She earned her Barnhunt Open title at as a veteran and as she was never a great jumper I didn’t ask her to continue but she did enjoy it.
I am heartbroken that she has left us. I knew we were on borrowed time. These last six months I have made an effort to connect with her as an individual every day. She got to travel with me again as we went on doggy adventures. She got to show at the CWCCA Nationals this past May and went with Cali and I to some dog shows. I didn’t want to leave her behind just in case. Her last day with us was normal, she puttered around the yard, ate dinner and snacks, played with Cali and slept in her favorite spots.
When she left us she left a giant hole in our world. Who is going to be the herald of the 11:00 pm bedtime? There will never be another Lindy Hop.
Godspeed my beloved, I loved you more.

CH Arylan Flying Start, RATO, RATI, ROM-V 07/28/05 – 07/24/19
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