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The end of the decade

December 1, 2019

We are done playing dog sports for the year.  We will close out the last month of this decade by doing family things and hanging out with friends.


The dogs had a pretty good year.  Of course they life a pretty good life but they indulge me in playing games.

We ended last year doing Scentwork and we added some new Scentwork titles this year too.  Bailey added a couple of Advanced titles to her name and started on her Excellent titles.  Caliwags earned her 1st Scentwork title, her Scentwork Novice Container.



We did a little Barnhunt, Cali got her 1st Novice leg and did it in style by going High Novice (It was beginner’s luck).

Bailey and Cali each added a Fast Cat Title, Bailey earned her DCAT and Cali earned her BCAT.


We had some fun with some of the International Shows earning ICE and IABCA titles and some big ribbons at their events.  Cali also earned more points toward her Grand Championship.  She just needs a few singles to finish her Grand Championship.


Mr PJ earned his Farm Dog Certificate and Cali earned her AKC Herding Instinct Tested Certificate.




I added AKC Canine Ambassador and AKC Temperment Test Evaluator to my resume.

The AZ kids did great with Sammich finishing his Championship, Clover earned several titles and is very close to her Championship and Daphne is working on several titles as well.








Of course we had great saddness with the loss of our Lindy Hop.  My heart is still broken.


We don’t have a ton of plans for 2020.  I am hoping we have puppies in the early spring.  But what I really hope is that we have a happy and safe year.



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