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Why I joined Good Dog and why you should too.

February 2, 2020

It is 2020 and most people shop online.  This goes for shopping for a dog, yep I said “shopping”!  People looking for a dog are shopping different breeders or shelters or rescue organizations and the Good Dog website is a great way to look for breeders who can help them find a puppy.

There are lots of online options including the American Kennel Club market place or their parent club websites..  Some are slick websites or not so slick websites. All of them are looking to help people find puppies.  Some are trying to sell puppies and some are trying to educate and find the right dog to fit a buyer’s lifestyle.

The Solstice Cardigans have this Blog/Website and our Facebook page and now we are on Good Dog.  Now we haven’t had a litter since we moved to Georgia in 2017 since breeding and raising a litter is both expensive and time consuming but we always like being a resource for folks looking for Cardigan Welsh Corgi information.



Cali’s trading card



So why Good Dog?  Because they require things to be included on their site, not the least of which is hecredentialsalth testing (and they require proof).  The shopping public can see breeder  side by side and why comparing Apples to Apples you can plainly see an Orange.  It is a way to help educate.

Now like most of my fellow breeders, I don’t really need Good Dog, I get multiple good puppy inquiries every week but I think Good Breeders need to be out there for people to see and Good Dog is a good way to do it.  Check them out, and yes they still have some work to do but I would rather Good Breeders help Good Dog to be a great resource!.

Check it out for yourself at the  Good Breeder Center


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