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Tis the season

May 23, 2010

For Watermelon!  It was 98 here yesterday and I’m not sure how hot it was today since I never saw the weather.  We had Lindy’s Championship party tonight.  I made a great salad with grilled chicken, dried cherries, feta, spinach and swiss chard and lemon thyme from my garden.  A lovely bottle of wine from my favorite CA winery Cakebread Cellars and Watermelon for the dogs.  Can’t think of a better way to spend Saturday night.

Mandy, Banner and Bonnie enjoyed their 1st watermelon, little Mandy didn’t even hesitate as soon as it hit the ground she was right in the middle of it.  She takes after her daddy PJ aka Porky Joe.

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  1. May 24, 2010 6:06 pm

    I just planted ONE watermelon plant OUTSIDE of the dog yards. We’ll see what we get. Tag is already climbing into his pear tree where the pears are only raquetball-sized right now.

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