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6 month check up

June 4, 2011

Half the year has passed, where the heck did it go?

I figured I’d take up some blog space and reflect on the 1st half of 2011, hey we made it thru the rapture so we are still here to report in.

Since the Poopies were born in December we spent most of the winter at home.   We didn’t make any of the early spring shows that we traditionally attend but that doesn’t mean we weren’t having fun!

In January, Team CCB (Cody, Charlie and Bonnie) contributed the 1st new Solstice title of 2011.  Charlie became Solstice Flying Ace, RN, CGC.

In February we had crazy weather in the desert SW, record-breaking freezing weather, rolling blackouts, frozen pipes, icy streets, not what we are used too.  I guess Mandy wanted us to know what her winters are now like.  Sweet Mandy aka the Fluffinator went to live in Wisconsin with Sharrie and Jake at Highridge with her 1/2 brother Zippy and friends LB and Scooter.  She is now known as Lady or Lady Mandy.

Also in February, Poopie Nog became Rider, he went to live  with Harry at Arylan as Arylan Custom Goldwing and will soon be hitting the show ring with his sister Fifi, Solstice Fly Girl. 

March was pretty much a stay at home month.  We did some training at K9 Funworks prepping for our trip to the CWCCA Nationals and of course it was March Madness!  Spent a lot of time at UTEP watching Basketball.  I also joined Mesilla Valley KC and will be working with their show chair on the shows in October.

In April the Solstice gang  traveled to Houston for the CWCCA Nationals and woo hoo what a good time we had.  Our 1st order of business was to deliver Einie, Solstice Manhattan Project to her new family, Tara and Tim in Houston.  Our second order of business was to pick up puppy daddy Oz, Ch Arylan Mint Proof and get him to handler Sherri Hurst for showing at the Nationals.   We did some “warm ups” at the all breed shows in Crosby, TX (where our breed winner went BIS both days) and then on to the Nationals events.

At the Nationals Frost, Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, passed her 1st two Rally Novice legs earning a 2nd and 3rd place.  We moved on to the conformation events where we started off by cheering on Oz to BOS in sweeps and if that wasn’t enough he was then awarded Winner’s Dog and ultimately Best of Winners at the nationals.  When we moved onto the girls Bailey, Solstice Flying Circus was awarded 2nd place in the large and competitive Bred By Exhibitor class.   We ended the week by sending our last little Poopie, Betty, now Mandy, Solstice Lone Star Amanda on a road trip to her new home with Ann and Steve in PA.

After a brief rest and time to do laundry and re-pack the motor home we loaded up and headed to New Mexico for the High Desert Cluster in ABQ.   ABQ was good to us!  4 new titles were gained on the Solstice gang.  Frost finished her Rally Novice title (with no help from her handler, me, who couldn’t read the signs) and team CBB earned a CD, RA and an RN.  Charlie became Solstice Flying Ace, CD, RA, CGC and Bonnie is now Arylan Flight from Justice, RN, CGC.   Our breed point major broke the 1st two days but Bailey was awarded WB on Sunday for 2 points.  Team Arylan added two titles of their own, both Oz and Chickie finished their Championships on Monday with Mother/Son taking the major points to finish and the Solstice kin was happy about that.

Now we are in June and the 1st half of the year was very exciting for our team.  We are currently doing some obedience training with Miss Dina and getting ready for the Summer Classic in OKC the last week of June.  This will be the 1st time I’ve been to these shows.   Both Fifi and Rider will be old enough to play dogs show and Bailey and Banner will also be looking for points in OKC.

In August I head to Dixon, CA for my fabulous Kennel Club shows, the Richmond Dog Fanciers.  I love going to Northern CA to see all the dogs and people who I only see once a year.  We will start showing again in September and October in NM and then look at the November AZ show depending on time and $$.

So that bring us up to date for the first half of the year and I am looking forward the the 2nd half.

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