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National Purebred Dog Day

May 1, 2018


Dogs are amazing creatures, there is an internet meme that says something along the line of just by existing they make the day better.

Dogs are wonderful, all of them, big, small, slick, fuzzy, all of them. There is no doubt that the dog that greets you when you get home is the best dog on earth. Where that dog came from or how you got it is your business, just your business.
I wanted to say that because I’m sure there will be some trolls who won’t like the rest of my post. That is because today is my dogs “Day”, May 1st is National Purebred Dog Day #NPDD, a day to celebrate the wonder of the purebred dog. To rejoice in their predictability and history and heritage. Living art and history to both modern and almost forgotten times.
In our current world of “who rescued who” and “furbabies” people like to bash the world of Purebred dogs. We hear all the time that we are evil and because of us dogs DIE! Sorry folks, you have been brainwashed by people who don’t even want to you have pets much less a predictable purebred dog. They think they are superior because they rescued a dog. Just saying if you paid money to get the dog you bought it. But where you got your dog doesn’t matter, if you are
happy then so am I.
Where my dogs come from is proudly from preservation breeders (Of which I am one) who work hard using Art and Science to create a wonderful animal that will grow up with traits you count on. I expect the Cardigan Welsh Corgis who live in my house to be around 12 inches tall and weigh around 30-35lbs. I expect them to be great watch dogs. I expect them to be active but not hyper. I expect them to be smart and trainable but also independent thinkers. I expect
them to shed and herd things. It is all about the expectation.
So why is today, May 1st aka National Purebred Dog Day #NPDD important, it is a reminder that a dog’s purpose can be seen in its genes. It is no accident that Bloodhounds are superior trackers or that the Border Collie is smarter than some people or that the Caviler King Charles Spaniels enjoy sitting with their people. That is all part of their heritage. It makes it easy to figure out what
dog will fit your family and lifestyle.
As a preservation or heritage breeder it is import to me that we continue to celebrate the wonderful world of dogs. To know where they come from and how they should be expected to look and act. To help create the healthiest dog I can produce. I am not alone, there are many of us who want to make sure that our chosen breeds are protected and preserved. We are the dog’s champions!
Breeders invented rescue (bet you didn’t know that), Breeders and enthusiast fun health research, breeders and enthusiast fund disaster relief, scholarships, search and rescue and dog sports. National Purebred Dog Day #NPDD celebrates all of that and more and people that don’t see the value are really not looking.
I have always thought it is interesting that folks who proudly own mix breeds and random bred dogs will spend money on DNA testing to find out or confirm what breed or breeds their dogs are descended from or that shelters and rescues randomly assign breeds to their dogs in hopes that folks looking to take home a new friend will be swayed by what they know about a breed.
So I am celebrating National Purebred Dog Day #NPDD and if you have ever called your dog a breed (or a mix of breeds) you should be too because it celebrates the breed diversity.

So happy National Purebred Dog Day!

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