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The AKC’s #1 Fan

March 3, 2015

Oh, how we in the dog fancy bitch and moan about the American Kennel Club, just recently we went crazy when the AKC launched its updated website.   We complain about the judge’s selections, the rules for events, the registration process, Breeder of Merit program and any other thing we can think to complain about.

But folks, those of us in the Fancy should be bragging about being the AKC’s #1 fan.   Remember the AKC is a club of clubs. In other words the AKC is us and we have a really weird relationship. Think about it, the AKC is a multi-million dollar business run by a bunch of dog people elected by a bunch of other dog people. The dog people hire other people who may or may not be dog people to handled lots of the business and sometimes the business people and the dog people don’t understand what is important to the other.  That is all pretty weird and confusing don’t you think?

In spite of how the AKC is run think about all the stuff they do on behalf of dogs and the people who love them:

They maintain the registry and supports 1000s of dog events.


AKC /Canine Health Foundation


AKC PAC- Legislative Alerts

AKC Reunite – Lost and Found service

Pet Disaster Trailers

AKC trailer

Kennel Inspection Programs

PR and Media Relations

Responsible Dog Owners Day


Junior Handler Programs

Breeder of Merit Program


Canine Good Citizen Program


Education Programs and material (both online at and printed)

This is all just stuff I can think of off the top of my head.

So let’s all try and remember that WE are the AKC and it is up to us to lead by example. So let’s get involved with our clubs, talk to our delegates and memberships and let’s make sure that people know that the American Kennel Club isn’t just about snooty rich people, the AKC is about US (even if we have to remind the AKC sometimes too).  Let’s all be a force for good and remember it is all about the dogs!

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