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A spring Frost report

March 24, 2015


Hello, it’s me Frost! I know it has been awhile since I reported but just thought I’d catch up with all my friends.

I’ve been sort of busy with my new job. Mom and I are starting obedience work. It is fun, lots and lots of treats are involved and as everyone know I love treats.


Beginner novice sit/stay and our first Q



We go to training class at the Atlanta Obedience Club and even though Mom knows I’m really not ready I have actually competed in some trials. I tried hard because I am a good girl I have passed my Beginner Novice class twice and I got 1st place both times. I only need one more “leg” for my 1st obedience title. Mom’s excited, I just want more treats.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Maybe I should have reminded Mom of the whole “treat” thing when she took me to talk to the animal communicator lady when we went to the dog show in Louisville, KY. She was very nice and asked me some questions for Mom. I told Mom thanks for making my back feel better. She took me to get a massage before we talked to the communicator lady and I wanted Mom to know I liked it. I also told her I liked the new cover for my bed.   Auntie Cody made a new cover for us and I really liked it when we used it the first time at the big show. Mom asked me if I was having fun and if I liked obedience? I said I did but I really didn’t want to work very hard and I really don’t understand all the waiting things she asks me to do. They don’t make much sense to me, she walks away and then I know she is going to call me so why do I have to wait? I know she wants me to come be with her so I just come without waiting.


Our new custom crate cover made by Cody

Mom says I am going to the Nationals and I get to do obedience and Daddy PJ gets to be in the old dog class now that he is over 8 years old. Mom says Auntie Cody and Charlie and Bonnie are going too.

That is all I have to report,

Frost out!

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